Dosatsu Venture Partners

Our ventures arm make strategic investments that complement or augment our capabilities or interests. There are many components to the global technology juggernaut that will fuel the future. In an attempt to be strategically aligned with all the cornerstones of the new digital economy, we sometimes partner with or acquire interests in upcoming companies.

We look for various qualities in emerging companies, primarily in their entrepreneurs and leadership:

  1. 100% committed people - you can't solve a problem if you are not all over it
  2. Experience in success and challenges alike - knowing the difference and what it takes 
  3. Radar for applying targeted persistence - persistence, persistence, persistence (with thought)
  4. Openness to collaboration
  5. Scale matters
  6. Creativity matters
  7. Problem solving skills are everything

We don't only invest in companies, but we also invest in commercialising tools & technology:

  • understand the problem you are trying to address (including the addressable market)
  • know the applications of the product, services or tool you have built versus other solutions that are out there
  • understand the concept of displacement - even if you are not a direct competitor, you are likely displacing an existing behaviour, budget, service, product or technology and you need to know from your client's (proposed or existing) perspective, what that is exactly, so you can be sure you are adding value
  • commercial application or traction must be apparent today (as track record) or clearly visible on the horizon
  • line of sight on customer acquisition cost (CAC) and where possible, long term value (LTV) of client
  • thoughtfulness and clarity on go-to-market and a clear product roadmap (including any commercial pilot programs or user testing reports)
  • documentation matters

We maintain a focus on Cloud-based Digitisation, Transformation, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or UAV driven solutions and have experience in consumer, shared economy, digital media, edtech, health tech, cyber security, cryptocurrencies & ICOs, drone lead solutions.

Some of our Dosatsu Ventures investments are included below. We are not geographically constrained and investments range from Africa, Asia, North America, Australia and elsewhere.