Problem Solving

Dosatsu is in the business of problem solving for purpose.

To be successful in our objectives we are acutely aware of the importance of collaboration and community. This area is intended to engage with others sharing our passion for problem solving either directly or through financial, knowledge or service participation.


Donate & Contribute

Believe in what we are doing?

See a problem that warrants solving? Help us prioritise it.

You can donate funds by way of contributing coins in fiat (via the button below through stripe) or crypto-currencies and our team will apply resources to solve it.

If the problem warrants it or solution proves viable, we will invite you to participate or support you organising your own team and project. 


Prizes & Success

Problems create opportunities.

Without people identifying them, no one can begin to solve them. Real brilliance and success is as much dependent on the foresight of seeing problems that others don’t yet see, as it is about effectively solving problems creatively with successful execution and requisite resources.

If your identified problem (and solution) is an opportunity Dosatsu decides to explore, Dosatsu will invite you to explore a role in partnering or participating in the selected project.

Examples of communities who are identifying bold problems and fostering collective problem solving and bringing resources and people together are here found here:

Millennials spoke earlier this year.... 


Problems (opportunities)

List of Dosatsu identified or published problems requiring ideas and solutions.

Lodge a problem you have identified, or Dosatsu has listed and we will reach out if Dosatsu decides to solve it or publish it.

Problems are listed and rated.

Rating occurs through comments and reviews as well as through donations.

Solutions (ideas)

Ideas are valuable but lost without leadership, action and capabilities.

Lodge your idea or solution to a Dosatsu identified problem or list another opportunity and if pursued by Dostasu, we will invite your participation in the project or may be able to support you in leading, organising or contributing to it.  

Crowd sourced ratings and donations will assist in prioritising our focus.


Talent (seeking leaders, doers and experts)

Tell us why you are a leader or an entrepreneur and why you want to work with us and what you want to create or build or have delivered before successfully.

Lodge your interest to work with Dosatsu or Dosatsu projects by submitting your CV/Linkedin here:

Name *

If successful, we will add you to our bench and contact you in due course. Please be patient as we process your enquiry.