What we do

Dosatsu is at the forefront of pioneering solutions for the emerging technology led economy sometimes referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We specialise in customised solutions drawing on leading innovation and architecture incorporating IoT, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or UAV driven solutions.


Dosatsu Labs is our research division and incubator of proprietary products and solutions that is seeding projects and companies designed

to solve problems that we are able to identify actionable solutions for in the global marketplace. Many of these projects are private.



Wiselly is a life long learning platform integrated with beacons, wearables and able to accommodate and comply with various corporate training programs and certifications. It is not a LMS. It is student oriented whilst providing insights and analytics to trainers and organisations alike. It is what an LMS should be with the student's development first.



Orbito provides a platform for monitoring infrastructure changes and progress stages for owners and developers of all types of physical assets (eg. mines, property/buildings, bridges, rail, turbines, wind farms, solar fields, quarries, powerlines, telecom towers etc). The platform serves both as a data analytics and insights dashboard for the asset owner/developer as well as a useful tool for UAV/UAS companies wishing to provide an extra service for their clients.



The concept of 'buying on behalf of' is not new and has been popularised in Asia to accommodate price, quality and release date arbitrage. Daigou.io provides a global, buyer-centric platform for people to list what they want and have it fulfilled in a trusted platform.



MachineIT was developed as a solution to address a somewhat hidden problem to the now popular world of big data, AI and machine learning. None of these activities are possible without a qualified data set and often sourcing, defining or preparing the data set that one wants to run an algorithm on is 80% of the work (and costs). MachineIT solves for this.