Dosatsu Global Services (DGS)


Dosatsu Global Services (DGS) was formed to provide cutting edge technology led companies the same access to expertise that Dosatsu utilizes for its in-house projects (See Dosatsu Labs). DGS engages with clients who are at the tipping point of value creation.

We make sometimes abstract and frontier technologies accessible to clients, regardless of their size. We bring in 360 degree expertise from refining the value proposition to unpacking the product solution to positioning/communicating to the market and assisting through the initial deployment to success.


Whilst DGS offers a traditional software development and solutions, potential clients should view us as advanced technology specialists, analogous to a military elite force, a strategic team of expertise, which should be brought in for projects that few are able to deliver globally or require on time and on budget delivery. Unlike consulting firms, we work with select and strategic clients only.

Part of the value we offer is the exclusivity with which we work and our proprietary solutions. Also unlike consulting firms, the expertise we offer, while it is more specialized than the Big 5, comes at a significant discount in cost for the same value or more because we are selective and look for meaningful engagements in a strategic manner where we align with the client’s objectives.


We can advise you on all aspects of design, strategy, technology, product development, financing, investment and deployment.

  • Software Development
  • Cloud-based Digitisation
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • IoT
  • IP development
  • Transformation
  • Big data
  • Machine Learning
  • UAV
  • Payments
  • Crypto-currencies
  • ICOs
  • Blockchain
  • Wearables
  • Cyber-security
  • Data mining
  • Data exchanges
  • O2O
  • Remote monitoring

DGS Methodology

We engage with new clients in three phases. We deliver proprietary solutions and systems integration on a fee basis and often align engagements against execution success with clients by way of milestone payments or equity participation as appropriate.


Phase 1

diagnostic & strategic review:

  1. Diagnostic and strategic review of your objectives and current status
  2. Proposal of strategy and plan to meet requirements of the identified problem and need

(2 weeks to 8 weeks)

Phase 2

execution & implementation:

  1. Work alongside client to implement strategy for client
  2. Provide access to a bench of global specialists
  3. Capacity building as well as maintenance & support

(4 weeks to 6 months)

Phase 3

if applicable:

  1. JV Partnership or proprietary-licensed solution to co-deliver solution
  2. Structured engagement against joint milestones
  3. Potenital co-investment by Dosatsu

(4 weeks to 3+ years)


DGS can undertake a Dosatsu Edge Strategic review for you today.