Global Data Exchange

Dosatsu is the originator of the Global Data Exchange project


Dosatsu has entered into various agreements in different territories to design, develop and build infrastructure to facilitate the global trade of data and data sets.


The GDX infrastructure and architecture are designed to facilitate global participants being able to efficiently, reliably, securely and for fair commercial exchange, trade data between parties across a variety of protocols. GDX recognises the providence of data with its proprietary protocols and ensures trade occurs where all attributed stakeholders consent and have choice for buying and selling data by creating a marketplace that prices data sets in an open or restricted marketplace alike as applicable.

GDX is a stakeholder in redefining the global economy and is expected to lead towards facilitating a repricing of what data means to owners be they corporations, organisations or individuals and create value from an assets that has otherwise remained hidden or locked within traditional accounting measures of value to date.