About Global Cryptocurrency Exchange (GCE)

The founders share a background in financial services that spans trading, technology, compliance and operations as well as a strong belief in the future and promise of crypto. Though we bring a blue-chip pedigree to the exchange we are not a corporate or institutional venture into the industry.


Market Maker Program

In order to facilitate greater liquidity on the exchange, the GCE invites individual traders and individuals trading on behalf of an organization or fund to become market makers. All market makers will be able to trade at a 0% commission rate provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Complete an application for the Market Maker Program
  • Commit to making 2-way prices (bid and offer) of at least 1 coin a side at a spread of not greater than 1% of the market price
  • Commit to making markets at least 10 hours per week
  • At least 50% of total volume traded by the market maker must occur from trades arising from their standing two-way price. Any trading volume the market maker executes that is not matched by volume from making markets is subject to commission.


Security and Transparency

Security at the GCE will follow best practices in the financial services industry combined with the safest possible methods of preventing and stopping hack attacks, potential fraud by a rogue employee, theft, hardware failure and any other issue that might compromise the exchange.


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