Technology Next


We were founded to help you navigate this turbulent transition and partner with you to the edge of possibility. Whether you are our customer, our investor, our partner, or our investee, you can rest assured in knowing that you are in capable and willing hands. We are aligned with you in embracing the future together.

Dosatsu lives and breathes at the frontiers of technology. We are part of a technology convergence revolution that is re-shaping the world. The next decade will have a more profound impact on business and people'sā€™ lives than the entire last century. Dosatsu is there.


We seek to partner with like minds who view a challenge as we do: with excitement.  We invest and we provide services. At Dosatsu, we both initiate and react to opportunities. Opportunity exists in identifying challenging problems or seeing challenges others are yet to identify and solving them.


Dosatsu operates three main divisions, two in investment and one for client services:





Global Services


Ultimately we lead, partner and serve with top talent and experts to solve difficult meaningful problems. We invite and encourage a community of problem solving and invite our community to help define and solve problems that are important.

Dosatsu specializes in frontier technologies and solutions for a select group of global clients. From technology development to cyber security to investment, Dosatsu maintains the means and the expertise to create value and solve problems cost effectively and successfully.